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Ginger-Garlic Tofu Recipe

Ginger-Garlic Tofu

Ginger-Garlic Tofu stir fry is a yummy dish where crisp brown tofu cubes are tossed in a delicious ginger-garlic sauce. This easy stir fried vegetables with tofu recipe is a burst of colors and flavors, and full of healthiness.

Tofu Health Benefits: Is tofu made from soybeans? Yes, it is. Tofu or bean curd is made by curdling soya milk; it is a rich source of protein, calcium and iron. Tofu is low in calories, gluten-free and contains all 8 amino acids. Tofu is a good meat-substitute and it helps lower bad cholesterol, prevents obesity and type-2 diabetes, and possesses anti-cancer properties.

Ginger-Garlic Tofu Stir Fry Recipe is a delicious and healthy dish where sautéed tofu cubes soak up the awesome flavors of the sauces. This low-fat crispy fried soybean tofu in vegetable stir fry sauce pairs well with Fried Rice.

Ginger-Garlic Tofu Recipe Step By Step:

This spicy tofu stir fry recipe has an amazing flavor!

How to make Ginger-Garlic Tofu in Vegetable Stir-Fry Sauce:

1. To cook tofu stir fry with vegetables, drain the water from tofu and wash well. Pat dry with paper towels, cut into cubes and keep aside.

Cut tofu into cubes for easy Tofu stir fry recipe

Tofu cubes

2. Chop the onion and ginger finely. Mince the garlic. Cut the bell peppers into cubes. Separate the spring onion whites and greens and chop finely.

Ingredients for Tofu Stir Fry Recipe


3. Take a tablespoon each of all-purpose flour and corn flour in a bowl. Add salt, pepper and about ¾ tsp of oil and make a thick slurry by adding a little water.

4. Heat oil for deep-frying.

Dip tofu cubes in seasoned cornflour batter for stir fry tofu recipe

Dip tofu in batter

5. Dip the tofu cubes in the batter and deep fry to a golden-brown. Remove fried tofu with a slotted spoon onto a paper napkin.

Fry batter coated tofu cubes for sweet and spicy tofu recipe

Fried Tofu

6. In a mixing bowl, add tomato ketchup, soya sauce, vinegar, green chilli paste, white pepper powder, sugar, red chilli sauce and a pinch of ajinomoto. Blend well, adding a little water, and set aside.

7. Retain about 1 tsp of oil in the pan. Add grated ginger and minced garlic and stir fry till they begin to brown.

Stir fry chopped onions, ginger and garlic for tofu recipe

Saute onions

8. Add the onions and spring onion whites and sauté for a minute or two. Add the capsicums and toss well.

Add spring onions, capsicum cubes and sauces for tofu vegan recipe

Add sauces

9. Tip in the sauces and blend well. Add the fried tofu and combine well. Sprinkle spring onion greens on top and remove.

Chinese Tofu and Veggies Stir Fry Recipe

Tofu Stir Fry

10. Serve Indo-Chinese Ginger-Garlic Tofu with Chowmein or Fried Rice.

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Stir Fry Vegetables With Tofu recipe details below:

Ginger-Garlic Tofu Stir Fry
Prep Time
15 mins
Cook Time
20 mins
Total Time
35 mins
Ginger-Garlic Tofu is a super-quick and super-healthy, protein-rich dish full of color and flavor. Fried bean curd glazed with a blend of sauces and served with steamed rice is a runaway winner. If you are looking for Chinese Tofu stir fry recipes for kids, this is it!
Course: Vegetarian Side Dish
Cuisine: Indo-Chinese
Servings: 4
Author: Shil
  • Tofu – 200 gms
  • Oil – 4 tbsp for deep frying
For Batter:
  • All-purpose Flour Maida – 2 tbsp
  • Corn flour – 2 tbsp
  • Pepper – 1/8 tsp
  • Oil – ¾ tsp
  • Salt to taste
For Stir-Fry:
  • Onion – 1 small finely chopped
  • Ginger – 1 ½ tsp grated
  • Garlic – 1 tsp minced
  • Spring Onion – 1
  • Red Yellow, Green Bell Peppers – ½ cup, cubed
For the Sauces:
  • Tomato Ketchup – 1 tbsp
  • Soya Sauce – 1 tsp
  • Vinegar -1/4 tsp
  • White pepper – 1/4th tsp
  • Ajinomoto – 1/4th tsp
  • Green chilli paste – 1 tsp
  • Red Chilli sauce – 1 tsp
  • Sugar – ¼ tsp
  1. To make Crispy Fried Tofu With Vegetables, wash the tofu well, pat dry and slice into cubes.
  2. Chop the onion finely. Grate the ginger and mince the garlic. Cut capsicums into cubes. Separate the spring onion whites and greens and chop finely.
  3. Take equal quantities of maida and corn flour in a bowl. Add salt, pepper and oil and make a thick batter with a little water.
  4. Heat oil for deep-frying in a kadai.
  5. Toss the tofu cubes in the batter and coat well. Gently drop the batter-coated tofu pieces into hot oil and fry till they turn a warm brown. Remove onto paper napkins.
  6. Mix together tomato ketchup, soya sauce, vinegar, white pepper powder, ajinomoto, green chilli paste, red chilli sauce and sugar in a bowl. Add a little water and blend well. Keep aside.
  7. Remove excess oil from the kadai and keep about 1 tsp of oil in it.
  8. Add the grated ginger and finely minced garlic and sauté.
  9. Add the chopped onions and spring onion whites and fry till they become slightly translucent.
  10. Add the bell peppers and mix well.
  11. Gently tip in the sauce slurry and blend nicely. Drop in the fried tofu cubes and toss well.
  12. Garnish with spring onions greens and remove.
  13. Serve Ginger-Garlic Tofu Vegetable Stir Fry with Steamed Rice or Noodles.


Ginger-Garlic Tofu Stir Fry | Soybean Tofu In Vegetable Stir Fry Sauce
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