Fish curry

Sep 242016
Dhonepata Maach - Bengali Coriander Fish Curry | Fish In Cilantro Sauce

Dhonepata Maach is a lip-smacking Bengali fish curry recipe. Fish simmered in a fresh coriander-chilli-coconut paste and flavoured with garlic and raw mustard oil is finger-licking good. Coriander also called cilantro, Chinese parsley or Dhone […]

Sep 062016
Shorshe Bhetki - Fish In Mustard Gravy | Shorshe Bata Diye Maacher Jhal

Shorshe Bhetki or Fish in Mustard Sauce is an eternal favourite of the Bengali palate. A moderately spicy seafood curry of fresh fish, mustard paste, chopped tomatoes, whole green chillies and mustard oil that is deliciously […]

Feb 152014
Kerala Fish Curry - Spicy Meen Kulambu With Kudampuli | Meen Curry

Kerala Fish Curry Red-Hot and Spicy is a fiery dish made of fresh fish pieces simmered in a Kudampuli-flavoured red gravy. Kudampuli Meen Curry  with its distinctive flavour is simply relishing. The spicy seafood curry is crazy good! […]

Feb 112014
Macher Kofta Curry - Bengali Fried Fish Balls In Kofta Gravy | Fish Kofta

Macher Kofta Curry or Fish Kofta Curry is fried fish balls in a rich, spicy gravy. Macher kofta curry is a delicious Bengali main course non-veg dish and goes well with steamed rice and salad. Bengali Macher kofta […]