Feb 062017
Palak Chana Dal With Lentils And Spinach | Andhra Palakura Pappu

Palak Chana Dal is a healthy, delicious and filling Indian dal made with spinach and lentils. Spinach dal is something I feel good eating because I know it’s good for me. Just ladle a helping […]

Apr 092016
Spinach Raita - Punjabi Palak Dahi Raita | Indian Yogurt Spinach Dip

Spinach Raita is a cool and refreshing yogurt-based Indian dip combining spiced spinach with fresh yogurt. You can serve chunky Palak Raita as a healthy dip with crackers or tortilla chips. Regardless of how you serve […]

Jun 052014
Aloo Palak - Punjabi Style Potatoes In Spinach Gravy | Palak Aloo Curry

Aloo Palak is a popular Punjabi recipe combining cubed potatoes and pureed spinach with a dash of Indian spices. This delicious potato spinach curry is relatively easy to make and tastes yummy. Punjabi Aloo Palak […]