Jan 292018
All About Eggplant – Tips For Buying, Storing and Cooking Eggplant

All about eggplant gives you valuable tips on how to buy, store and cook eggplants.  Eggplant (solanum melongena) belongs to the nightshade family as do tomatoes, potatoes and bell peppers. The popular variety of eggplant […]

Jan 212018
15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eggplant You May Not Have Heard About

The amazing health benefits of eggplant or brinjal is primarily derived from its rich vitamin, mineral and nutrient content. Eggplants are enriched with dietary fibre, antioxidants, calcium and vitamins including vitamin B6, thiamin and niacin, […]

Aug 072016
Bagara Baingan - Hyderabadi Roasted Eggplants In Spiced Masala Gravy

Bagara Baingan is a traditional Hyderabadi dish, full of different flavours and delicious. Browned baby eggplants in a spicy masala gravy spooned over hot rice is just yum! Roasting the eggplants before adding to the […]

Dec 292015
Matar Baingan Bhujia With Eggplant And Peas | Vankaya Batani Kura

Matar Baingan Bhujia – a delightful combination of fresh green peas and soft, juicy eggplant makes for a comforting dish. My kitchen is most times stocked with eggplants – those versatile purple vegetables that play […]

Feb 052015
Shorshe Doi Begun - Eggplant In Mustard Yogurt Gravy | Begun Shorshe

Shorshe Doi Begun is a delectable Bengali recipe where eggplant slices are simmered in a delicious mustard-yogurt sauce. This easy eggplant recipe pairs well with Pulao or Chapathis. The health benefits of eggplant (brinjal) include […]

Jul 162014
Brinjal Tomato Curry - Andhra Vankaya Tomato | Eggplant Tomato Masala

Brinjal Tomato Curry is a delicious Andhra dish, flavoursome and tangy. Yummy Andhra Vankaya Tomato Fry is served as a side dish with Rice or Roti. Eggplant tomato recipe is a super simple baingan dish with a […]

Jun 032014
Baingan Bharta - Roasted And Mashed Eggplant With Onion Tomato

Baingan Bharta is a classic Punjabi dish made with roasted eggplant and carries a distinctive flavour. In this Punjabi Baingan Ka Bharta recipe, smoked eggplant is tempered with cumin seeds and cooked with onion, tomato, ginger, […]

Apr 012014
Neem Begun Bhaja - Brinjal And Neem Leaves Fry | Neem Pata Begun

Neem Begun Bhaja – fried brinjal with a sprinkling of tender neem leaves. A typical Bengali lunch menu starts with something bitter – either Karela fry or Neem Pata Begun Bhaja (neem leaves and brinjal). […]