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Mudda Pappu is boiled and mashed kandi pappu or tuvar dal with a sprinkling of salt. Yellow lentils dal is typically served as the first course in a traditional Andhra meal. The plain dal is best savoured with steaming hot rice and a dollop of desi ghee.

Mudda Pappu Recipe

Mudda Pappu

Mudda pappu loosely translated means a thick ball of dal (in Telugu, mudda means thick/ball, pappu means dal). When you ladle this thick dal onto a plate, the dal retains the shape of the ladle. It’s just plain and simple Tur Dal, but the way it’s cooked and served, makes all the difference.

Dal chawal (lentil rice) is the staple vegetarian meal in North Indian. Down south, the simple but nutritious pappu annam (dal-rice) takes pride of place at the luncheon table. No meal is considered complete without this protein packed all-time favourite – dal.

In Andhra, families usually prepare this split pigeon peas dal during festivals. This healthy dal is a great source of protein, folic acid, dietary fibre and carbohydrates.

Toddlers are fed a diet of soft rice mixed with yellow lentils – it is easily digestible, highly nutritious and non-spicy – the perfect food for that age group.

Mudda Pappu Andhra Recipe:

In Andhra, kandi pappu dal is pure comfort food and nothing comes close to having plain pappu spooned over Basmati rice with a drizzling of aromatic hot ghee. Kids simply relish this wholesome and delicious food combination of pappu annam (rice and dal). This Indian dal recipe makes for a quick, easy, wholesome and nourishing meal.

Andhra Mudda Pappu Recipe is simple to cook and just needs one or two basic ingredients. The cooked lentils are nice and soft and totally delish!

How to make gatti mudda pappu:

For this Andhra Pappu recipe, take kandi pappu (tur dal/arhar dal) in a bowl and rinse well under running water.

split pigeon peas for Andhra dal recipe

Put the lentils in the pressure cook and add 1 cup of water. Cook over high heat for 1 whistle. Then let it simmer on low heat for 4 whistles and turn off the gas.

pressure cook kandi pappu for Andhra pappu recipe

Open the lid and mix the dal well. It should not be runny but of a thickish consistency. The lentil dal will solidify slightly as it cools down.

boiled arhar dal for Andhra style pappu recipe

Mudda Pappu Andhra Plain Yellow Lentils Dal | Gatti Pappu WIth Tur Dal

Add salt and mix well.

Andhra Mudda Pappu Recipe

Serve Andhra Mudda Pappu with piping hot rice, ghee and aratikaya chips.

Yellow Lentils Dal Recipe

If you are looking for more lentils recipes, do try out Aamer Dal and Cholar Dal.

Yellow Lentils Dal Recipe details below:

Mudda Pappu Recipe
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
10 mins
Total Time
15 mins
Simple yellow dal is a bowlful of sheer temptation. Pressure cooked and mashed tuvar dal, seasoned with salt is traditionally served as the first course in Andhra. You need to mix the dal with rice, add a spoonful of ghee and savour the pappu annam with some crunchy fries served as accompaniment. Nothing like a thick, hearty dal to pep up your mood. Learn how to make this plain toor ki dal (lentils) recipe.
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Andhra
Servings: 2
Author: Shil
  • Tur Dal Kandi pappu – 1/3 rd cup
  • Water – 1 cup
  • Salt – 1/4 tsp
  1. Wash tur dal well. Pressure cook with one cup of water for 1 high and 4 low whistles. Allow the pressure to release.
  2. Mash the dal properly with a ladle.
  3. Add salt to the cooked dal and stir well.
  4. Serve Andhra Mudda Pappu with white rice and desi ghee.


Mudda Pappu – Andhra Plain Yellow Lentils Dal | Gatti Pappu WIth Tur Dal
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